Stage Production & Support

With the cooperation of seasoned theatre professionals in the Greater Toronto Area, we can assemble a team to help mount your play.   Embassy Productions Inc. has been involved in the local theatre community since 2007.  

If you are looking to present scripted scenes with actors for training/demonstration purposes give us a call!   Other stage related services include:

WEST EducatingRitaEmbassy Productions Inc. welcomed the opportunity to produce vignettes to help the director of West End Studio Theatre’s production of "Educating Rita".

The director was concerned about keeping the audience engaged during the numerous scene changes of the popular play written by Willie Russell. The play follows the relationship between a 26 year-old Liverpool working class hairdresser, named Susan and Frank, a middle-aged university lecturer, during the course of a year. Susan and Frank meet when she hires him to tutor her. He uses the extra money to help pay for his excessive drinking habit.

The vignettes were designed to reveal the characters lives between the scenes presented on stage. While the concept of combining video and live performance is not new, this is the first time this particular play combined the two mediums. The vignettes helped gel the stage scenes together and also revealed more about the characters. A total of 12 vignettes were produced.

Working with a limited budget Embassy Productions Inc. took advantage of existing resources to provide the director with the required scenes. We were fortunate to have both actors featured in the play. In addition, we were able to film on the set built for the play as well as use wardrobe and props being designed for the play.  Location filming included a local hair salon and McMaster University as the backdrop for Open University in the UK.

TheRoommates FBProfile3The producers of a Hamilton Fringe Festival contacted Embassy Productions Inc. when they decided video vignettes would help propel their story forward.  The Roommates is a comedy that centres around the lives of two young bachelors in their quest to find true love.   The video segments were presented as part of the live stage performance to help the audience delve deeper into the characters daily routines.  Embassy Productions Inc. was happy to step in to produce these scenes filmed at various location in the Oakville Ontario area.   Below is draft sample of storyboards.  

TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 1
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 2
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 3
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 4
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 5
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 6
TheRoomMates Storyboard Draft1 Colour 7